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Our law firm began in 1972 when Ronald C. Makoski began practicing law with a concentration in defending DUI cases and illegal traffic stops. Ronald’s goal was to achieve the best possible outcome, so that clients could get on with their lives and put such unfortunate incidents behind them.

Why Choose Makoski & Associates?

The Court System is full of pitfalls for a criminal defendant. A case in one county might result in minimum penalties, while the same case in another county can result in a stiff sentence. End results can range from house arrest or probation to jail time.

Makoski & Associates has a deep knowledge of and working relationships with many local judges and attorneys. We “know the ropes,” the people who run the system, and the decision makers. We’ve been very successful in protecting the interests of our clients. Even when no defense exists, we negotiate the most favorable outcome.

We charge fair and affordable “flat fees” for legal services. No endless hourly charges and no surprises!

Makoski & Associates has the experience, track record, and affordable approach you’re looking for. Isn’t it time to get your FREE CONSULTATION? Call us today at 1-866-367-3847 or Contact Us today.

Ronald C. Makoski, Attorney at Law

Ronald C. Makoski Mr. Makoski has been admitted to practice law before all courts in Pennsylvania, including county courts, and the Superior and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. He is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Matthew R. Makoski  graduated from Duquesne University School of Law in 2011 where he graduated Magna Cum laude and was a member of the Law Review. Matthew was admitted to practice law in all courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of Colorado, and also the State of Wyoming. He is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania


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