Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any defense to my DUI charge?
There might be. However, there is no such thing as a “clear cut” defense. Oddly enough, it’s when you think you may have a defense that you need a good defense attorney most. Your attorney can keep you from losing your defense or getting “tripped up” on a technicality.
If I’m going to be charged anyway, why do I need a lawyer?
Being charged with a DUI and getting convicted are completely different things . Even if you feel you don’t have a defense, a good attorney can help with damage control. At Ronald C. Makoski, and Associates, we can help you to get the best result for your situation.
Won’t the court give me a free lawyer if I ask?
Yes. However, you must financially qualify for the services of the public defender. Generally speaking, public defenders are made available only for low income individuals. Many of them are beginning lawyers without much experience. By contrast, Makoski and Associates have nearly sixty years of combined experience in DUI law. The vast majority of our practice is helping people just like you. Your ability to keep your license, avoid punishing fines, and even avoid jail time is on the line. Don’t you deserve an experienced DUI attorney in your corner?
Aren’t lawyers really expensive?
They can be. Some lawyers will charge you $300 an hour and more. You’ll be glad to hear that I charge a flat fee, so that you’ll know up front what your defense will cost you. Compared with the competition, I believe our legal fees are fair and reasonable. Even better, your first office consultation is completely free, so you have the opportunity to meet with me, go over a game plan for your case, and decide if my services are right for you. Contact us today, or call toll free 1-866-367-3847.
Isn’t there a special program for first time offenders? Can I try that?
Yes, there is. The program is called ARD, the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program. It’s not as simple as wanting to “try it,” and you have to be accepted into the program by the District Attorney. A DUI experienced attorney may help you obtain an ARD where otherwise you may be turned down by the District Attorney. We’ll discuss this option during your free consultation.
Will I have to go to jail for a DUI?
Hopefully not. However, in some circumstances a jail term is a standard penalty for certain DUI charges. In Pennsylvania, DUI penalties are assessed in a three tiered system, and a variety of factors are taken into account, such as prior criminal record and whether or not other charges were filed along with the DUI.
What are the fines and costs of a DUI?
In Pennsylvania, DUI penalties are different depending on your level of impairment at the scene and whether or not this is your first offense. Even a first offense could result in a 12 month license suspension, 72 hours to 6 months prison, $1,000 to $5,000 fine, alcohol highway safety school, and drug and alcohol treatment. Don’t take your DUI charge lightly. Call our office today at 1-866-367-3847.
I need my car to get to work. Is there any way I can keep my license?
An Ignition Interlock license is available subject to a DUI suspension. However your eligibility date will vary based off of the certain circumstances of your case. Call our office to discuss this as part of your free consultation. 1-866-367-3847
Will I lose my CDL under new federal disqualification rules?
Possibly. If you make your living as a commercial driver, a DUI can mean the loss of employment and the inability to drive commercially anywhere in the US. Perhaps more than with any other DUI offense, commercial drivers need an experienced DUI attorney who has court experience and a history of winning cases.
Will I need to install an ignition interlock device on my car?
Ignition interlock is now a mandatory condition in most DUI cases. Call our office to discuss how this new rule will effect your driving privilege. 1-866-367-3847