ARD Program

This is your first DUI charge. If you are committed to putting this incident behind you and getting on with your life, even having the DUI removed from your record, the Pennsylvania’s ARD program might be the solution.

  • Only First Time DUI offenders with no prior criminal convictions are eligible for PA’s ARD Program
  • Admission is NOT AUTOMATIC. Individual admissions are determined by the District Attorney
  • Your case must meet three general guidelines:
    • No prior DUI charges within a ten year period of the current charge and no prior criminal convictions
    • No accident occurred resulting in serious injury or death
    • No passenger of 14 years of age or younger was in the car

ARD participants attend a court mandated DUI school, attend supervisory meetings, and pay any court ordered restitution. There may be additional conditions depending on your specific case.

Is the ARD Program Right for Me?

Keep in mind that the choice is not entirely in your hands. This is a matter that should be considered in consultation with an experienced DUI attorney, who may often “tip the scale” in your favor so that you can be accepted into the ARD Program. The final decision is in the hands of the District Attorney.

In a sense, Pennsylvania’s ARD program is a one-time “get out of jail free” card, affording you the opportunity to earn a dismissal of the charges. With that in mind, if your attorney believes there is a strong case for having your DUI dismissed, you may be better off going to court. Again, this is not a decision to make lightly or on your own.

What if I drop out of ARD?

If you don’t comply with ARD, then the district attorney will seek to have you removed from the program. If that happens, well, you’re back where you started – facing the original DUI charges you were up against.

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